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Small Businesses Hoping More Customers with the Internet

Social Media, two little words are the biggest hope for any business today which aims to increase their reach in the online space. Yes social media encompass the ability to connect with more than a billion people worldwide for free. Which business owner or an entrepreneur would not like to connect on a network like that.

Social Media has grown into a strong tool of marketing today from large companies to small local companies.

According to, a nonprofit organization supported by the Small Business Administration, 50 percent of purchases are made due to posts on social media; 64 percent of Twitter users and 51 percent of Facebook users are likely to be loyal to brands they follow.

But before far reaching out to our customers through these channels we need to take some forethought to determine how how to develop an image for a business or a product, how to build a relationship with the consumer, and which social network to use to reach the desired demographic audience.

“The whole point of social media is getting your business and brand out there,” so the right approach and right strategy is a must before you decide to take your business on a social space. 

Sometimes wrong strategies makes your business fail badly on social space and the damages are huge.

To create a strong online business identity you should combine your right strategy in social media efforts with a best optimized website. There are a times many small or new businesses may start with social networking first because it is faster to put together than a website. And “Developing a ‘Fan page’ is the quickest thing to do.”

But don't be in a rush! Some research is needed even in selection of social channels because each social networking outlet, such as Snapshot, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr, have a specific demographic audience.

Facebook’s highest age demographic ranges from 35 to 54 years old, and Pinterest has a high volume of female users. “Pinterest is very visual." “It is like window shopping.” Out of 150 million users of Instagram, another visual-heavy social media outlet, 90 percent are under the age of 35.

To maximize your social networking, you should choose multiple sites. “Hootsuite allows you to manage all social media at once.” It is highly recommended for small businesses and startups.
Once a platform is chosen, the next choice is determining how to effectively handle a two-way conversation with consumers and how to keep content fresh and engaging.
Keeping consumers engaged means addressing the negative comments. businesses should have a procedure to handle them. Facebook offers an option to delete the comment, but “the best way is to address the negative comment.” “It gives a certain authenticity to the pages."  “The key is to respond.”

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