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How to Grow your Yoga Business?

You have a yoga studio?You know you are best? You feel challenged to acquire new customers? You want people to retain for longer period? You don't know what to do on internet to build your business? You tried deals site but you don't get much business?
If you have an answer as YES to any or all the above questions. Then, you are at right place to find the best solution to your worries in building your yoga studio as successful business.
Yoga Business is a Wellness Business which is totally customer centric. People are keen to explore yoga and they have lot of  awareness on the benefits of yoga. They have their reasons to adopt yoga and few of the common reasons are: Weight Loss, Stress, Overall Well-being, Depression, Flexibility etc...
For your Yoga Studio to be successful, you need to understand your customer and based on that you need to build your business.
Some of the key strategies to make your yoga studio successful are: Build an Authority
People like to follow who have authority…

The Best Social Media Campaigns of 2015

These were the most successful social media campaigns for the year 2015.

Elevate your Small Business's Videoconferencing Need with Full-featured Free Skype Meetings Tool

We’re living in an era where technology has shifted the perception of how we conduct &  communicate business. Now with the Internet and Social Media, even small businesses are extending their reach worldwide. Employees are looking for the flexibility to work and choosing to work remotely. As a result, employers are turning to technology to accommodate this, using mobile devices and other systems to maintain communication.

Thereby Videoconferencing becomes an important choice for any business communication.
There are many benefits of Videoconferencing:
Increases ProductivityImproves Communication & Reinforce RelationshipsReduces Travel ExpensesAllows Multi-point Meetings Across Time Zones & International BoundariesImproves EffectivenessMicrosoft is giving users a taste of the features available as part of the more full-featured Skype for Business.
Skype Meetings, a free tool aimed at small businesses offering real-time audio and HD video conferencing.

With Skype Meetings, you …

Small Businesses Hoping More Customers with the Internet

Social Media, two little words are the biggest hope for any business today which aims to increase their reach in the online space. Yes social media encompass the ability to connect with more than a billion people worldwide for free. Which business owner or an entrepreneur would not like to connect on a network like that.

Social Media has grown into a strong tool of marketing today from large companies to small local companies.

According to, a nonprofit organization supported by the Small Business Administration, 50 percent of purchases are made due to posts on social media; 64 percent of Twitter users and 51 percent of Facebook users are likely to be loyal to brands they follow.

But before far reaching out to our customers through these channels we need to take some forethought to determine how how to develop an image for a business or a product, how to build a relationship with the consumer, and which social network to use to reach the desired demographic audience.

“The whole p…