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Presentation Skills is One of the most Important Skills in the 21st Century

Presentation skills is one of the most important skills in the 21st century. - Bill Gates.

If you really want to catch the attention of the people in the corporate world or in your business you need to acquire presentation skills which will help you stand big, on the back of your excellent oratory skills.

Anyone who has been in the corporate world would have realised the importance of presenting. It is something you just have to be good at. The higher up you move up the ladder, the more you are going to need this skill and the more you need to perfect it.

Know your audience and tailor your speech: It is very important to know your audience before you are to present to them so that youknow exactly what works with which audience and tailors your speech to that. As a business presenter, it is important for you to present differently under different contexts, depending on who your audience is.

Speak the language you are comfortable in: Most people in India mistake good command over English f…