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How Social Media Changed our Life Personal & Professional

People have evolved in all these years and have experienced social media in their own ways. For some they felt the need and for some the life is good without social network and yeah there are few who want to be part of this social media but are confused and still couldn't accept this completely.

For the people who complaint about the social updates “that what the hell I need to do that you had a great evening yesterday or that you like wine more than a beer. If you are sad I am not responsible and if your husband loves you what good is for me”.  Boss why are you on social network?

Social network is a community for the people who love to share, love to express, loves to be part of each other and it matters to them what you did yesterday and how you felt today!

Social media has enabled us to have friends that are not dictated by geography or circumstance. Also helped us connect with old buddies whom we have lost contacts in past. It has helped us revive and refresh our memories of our childhood and of our youth and made us relive the past memories again. Isn’t that’s amazing? The ability to find people with whom you have a kinship, regardless of where they live is an extraordinary opportunity.

Our natural instincts are to be part of community and to be participative. We like to share, contribute, and interact. This is how we are. Social media gave us the platform to collaborate, to unite and to participate. It brought us out from the isolation of being associated to one family, one home, one place, one location. Now we have moved beyond the local reach and are able to connect personally and professionally all across. There were times we were not informed, we were growing in isolation. But today we have unleashed the boundary. We have come close and we love this place so much that our day starts with it and ends with it.

Today we know what are friends are doing the whole week even if we have to meet on a weekend. We are connected how are relatives and cousins are doing in life even if we meet after ages. Now that’s something great!

Today we need social community as much as we need air to breathe. Online community cares about us, supports us, and laughs at our jokes. And that’s a comfort. I can put my thoughts to world without the fear of being rejected. I can be open about myself without the hesitation of no one who listens to me. For humans expression is important, right or wrong it doesn't matter. This medium has given individuals the freedom to express and that’s impeccable.

You vs. The Real You
You don’t need to balance your personal and professional life online. People want to know what you did on the weekend and surely you want to share what you really did.

Actually, we all really want to do that. You've probably heard the saying that people don’t hire companies, they hire people. It’s why “chemistry” with the client is so critical in professional services firms. Why would you not want to pre-establish chemistry and commonality with your prospective friends, colleagues and clients online?
The fact is, your personal and professional lives are colliding and blending– and that trend will march onward, not backward.

Social Media has helped us establish relationship at work more easily because we can know each other more easily now. Moreover the relationships we have developed via the social Web are incalculably helpful to us personally and in work. Some of those relationships transcend the Web, as we've been fortunate enough to put names to avatars with many of the people we've 
come to know and respect online.

Social media is rooted culturally in showing your real, whole self. Pondering whether someone wants to read a tweet about your Sunday camping trip is no different than wondering why someone cares what you think about a hotel in Goa, via your TripAdvisor review.

The fundamental truth is that your personal life is almost undoubtedly more interesting than your professional life. Period. And, associating some sort of noteworthy character trait to your personal brand makes you more memorable in social media. People who try to find about you professionally on LinkedIn, also looks for you on Facebook to know about the dimension of your life, or character, or belief system.

In a socially connected world, where countless opinions and options are just a finger swipe on a mobile device away, differentiation is harder than ever. Your personal and professional life makes you a real complete person. And people on social media want to interact with reality and not fake personas.

"What’s interesting about you outside the office really interests me!"

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