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How Social Media Changed our Life Personal & Professional

People have evolved in all these years and have experienced social media in their own ways. For some they felt the need and for some the life is good without social network and yeah there are few who want to be part of this social media but are confused and still couldn't accept this completely.
For the people who complaint about the social updates “that what the hell I need to do that you had a great evening yesterday or that you like wine more than a beer. If you are sad I am not responsible and if your husband loves you what good is for me”.  Boss why are you on social network?
Social network is a community for the people who love to share, love to express, loves to be part of each other and it matters to them what you did yesterday and how you felt today!
Social media has enabled us to have friends that are not dictated by geography or circumstance. Also helped us connect with old buddies whom we have lost contacts in past. It has helped us revive and refresh our memories of our …

Internet's Role in the performance of India's SMBs

SMBs with an Internet presence get a significant boost in sales and customer base than those that do not, according to joint study between Google and India's peak business association FICCI. Amongst SMBs that use the Internet, 69 percent experienced an increase in customers, and 63 percent an increase in geographic reach and 44 percent saw an increase in firm employment.On an average, an SMB adopting the Internet is able to grow its customer base by 7 percent and employment growth by 4 percent. Doubling of Internet use in SMBs can generate 43 percent higher profits for SMBs.Only 23 percent of surveyed SMBs engage in e-commerce; on average they have more revenue, employees, and customers than those that do not.
SMBs role in India SMBs are critical to the economic growth in India, where 47 million SMBs employ about 100 million people and contribute more than 8 percent of India's GDP. No developing country with fast growing economy can rely only on its big companies to achieve susta…