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Brands & Negative Reviews of Social Space

The curious case of brands and negative reviews 23 Jul 2013 By Sahim Salim
With the evolution of internet and social media, people no longer have to drop notes in a ‘suggestion-box’ installed within a company’s premises hoping that his/her complaint will be addressed. Nor does a customer have to just restrict his/her immediate family and friends from using the services of a certain brand after a particularly harrowing experience. Today’s customer has discovered the power of anonymity and posting reviews about services online. And as evident from the sheer volume of data on social media platforms and platform websites, the customer has a lot to say – both negative and positive.
User generated content has evolved at a breakneck pace and brands have started taking note of it; they have realized its importance and the necessity of engaging with their customers. While some brands have adopted scare tactics by using an IT law, which at best can be described as vague, to threaten platform webs…