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The Best Practices to Boost Traffic on Your Website

The traffic to the website is the key to generate effective leads which could convert as sales for you. Generating more traffic means to have right strategy in place for search engine optimization for effective results for your business.
As a step one, a properly coded website is an important aspect from search engine optimization approach. Excessive JavaScript, Flash Data Files, Heavy CSS, Unnecessary Objects can be messy which makes your site slow, increases your download time and also challenging for spiders to index your web site. Make sure you optimize your site not just in metas and content but focus on clean html and optimized elements in your pages.
Focus on on page. Define appropriate metas which are relevant to your page content. Don’t overstuff, make it easy for the user and not for the spiders to interpret. Include search phrases along with their frequent misspellings to help optimize better search results. Don’t forget more than optimization metas are the descriptive copy o…

#SEM: How to Build Referral Traffic for your Website

There are many efforts which go into pulling more traffic to your website. The SEO helps you grow your organic traffic but that’s a slow and ongoing process, and you never know when Google algorithm is going to hit you hard In face and you lose what you achieved in all those 6 months efforts. Then there is a direct traffic which comes to your website on your brand recall value which is attributed by various social media and online presence on various channels. And if you have deep pockets then you can invest In paid marketing like Google ad words, Facebook advertising etc… But the amount you invest does not reap you the kind of ROI.

So another important way to build your site is referral traffic. This is an important traffic which can help boost your overall search engine traffic. Referral traffic can be built through various channels. Link BuildingSocial BookmarkingBlogsMicrositesArticle MarketingForumsYahoo Q&APress ReleasesSocial Media Channels like Facebook, LinkedIN, Google Plu…

Ten Things That I Want To Do

Take a Sabbatical.Spend good quality time with my kid and contribute to positive growth.Download all that i have learnt in this 14 years of career.Think afresh and start a new venture of my own.Travel alot, unleash all my adventure spiritsHave good quality time for myself to drive my passions and hobbiesWonderful home making wife and spend quality time with my husband.Socialize with my friends and family.Do lot of reading and research and upgrade on my new learnings.Want to get settled in abroad.