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Why LinkedIn is an Important Marketing Strategy for your Brand

The social media network for professionals has really grown up. What was once viewed as solely a job-hunting destination has now evolved into a multi-faceted media channel, a place to consume thought-provoking content, digest POVs and commentary from industry leaders, share articles and access updates on-the-go via the beautifully designed LinkedIn app.
The vast majority of readers leverage media as a means to put forth a view, interests, and opinions to their network to generate interaction and help develop their social and professional connections and standing. The role of the media is to be a conversation starter, and LinkedIn is an ideal forum.

Even if your brand already shares on Facebook still publishing content on LinkedIn resonates with the specific audience you’re targeting. LinkedIn is just another platform for your content, which is always a good thing. Secondly, this channel has its unique offerings: LinkedIn users are engaged and hungry for smart content, and unlike Faceboo…