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Do Web Hosts Really Give Free Online Website Builder?

In this age of digital media, everyone wants to create a website. However, not all of us do this for business or getting money out of making a website. Therefore, we look for some cheap options, even free offers to build our websites. And the search begins, often online. Whenever you search something like this- “create a website free,” “free website making” or “free website builder”, you get a number of results where each of them claim to give you a free online website builder to create a website. But when you go to some of such sites, you find that not all of them are free website builders; sometimes you need to pay money to make your own website. Sometimes, however, you get a completely free website builder. Now you are confused which one to go for? What is the benefit of paying money, even if little, for an online website builder which is not free? And what are the disadvantages if you opt for totally free website builder to make your own website? Let’s discuss all these aspects. L…

Why LinkedIn is an Important Marketing Strategy for your Brand

The social media network for professionals has really grown up. What was once viewed as solely a job-hunting destination has now evolved into a multi-faceted media channel, a place to consume thought-provoking content, digest POVs and commentary from industry leaders, share articles and access updates on-the-go via the beautifully designed LinkedIn app.
The vast majority of readers leverage media as a means to put forth a view, interests, and opinions to their network to generate interaction and help develop their social and professional connections and standing. The role of the media is to be a conversation starter, and LinkedIn is an ideal forum.

Even if your brand already shares on Facebook still publishing content on LinkedIn resonates with the specific audience you’re targeting. LinkedIn is just another platform for your content, which is always a good thing. Secondly, this channel has its unique offerings: LinkedIn users are engaged and hungry for smart content, and unlike Faceboo…

AdWords Launches Keyword Planner Tool

For over a decade website owners everywhere have been turning to Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool to find the right keywords to target their advertising campaign. For this reason most web owners are surprised to learn that there is a new keyword tool that has hit the Internet recently. This new tool is called AdWords Keyword Planner.
What makes this keyword tool different is the fact that it is a perfect blend of Google’s existing keyword tool as well as AdWords Traffic Estimator. The purpose of this new keyword tool is to more effectively help website owners locate the best keywords for their marketing campaigns. Though it is only speculation, individuals everywhere are assuming Google‘s intention is to eventually replace the AdWords Tool and Traffic Estimator with this single web application.
There are several new features that make the Google’s new keyword tool a lot more beneficial and effective than the previous AdWords tool. These features include:
1.A keywords search option allowing …

Playing With Search

Media Jamming:  When you want to go for a high decibel campaign capturing all the possible audience on a particular medium. For example picking up all the TV channels fine tune the breaks timing and synch the timing of your commercial across all the channels. No matter which channel a viewer switch to for that particular AD break, it’s your brand that gets all the eye balls.
Can search also be driven and directed wherein all the top three positions or all the sponsored links are captured by my brand only and a customer’s search ends or is directed towards my brand page. Tough preposition, but guess can be achieved. True, my bidding keywords would be competing with each other and cost of acquiring a customer might go high but can be very fruitful if selling a high value product or service with recurring revenues in terms of renewals for the multiple years to come and your customer retention rate is very healthy. Strongly believe; it can be a good strategy when you are a new entrant and…