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Blogging: Why you should Blog? Learn About Some Interesting Blogs

Blogs are a great tool to test out ideas, to innovate with your interests and to write on your favorite topics. You expertise in some specific topics can actually make you amazed to see how generally they can pull huge audience through your blog posts linking to your interesting topics. Blogging isn’t first and foremost a business; it’s something you would do to support your passion around some interest or topic. And if you are good you will surely create an audience which will surely grow with time.

Blogs could be a good tool to test out ideas that you can use for your small startup business ideas. It’s also a community builder and communications platform, and you can be connected with quite a few startups through the blog, which maybe later can get into some serious investments.

Blogging is about passion of creating content, a desire to share and connect with readers, and a drive to experiment with new ways to do this. And you never know that this sheer passion and mass intimacy can become so engrossing for your readers that you might just monetize this content.

Favorite Cool, Viral, Humour, Photo, Video, Smart, Geek, and Interesting Blog
  1. Climbur – Incredible inspiration for intelligent people.
  2. Visual News - The cure for eyeball boredom.
  3. moddea – Visual catalog of everyday modern objects. 
  4. Very Short List – Cultural gems from a different curator every day.
  5. SoulPancake - Art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality and humor.
  6. BuzzFeed - High quality original reporting, insight and viral content.
  7. UPROXX – The culture of what’s buzzing.
  8. PocketHits - The most popular stories, videos, images, recipes and more from Pocket.
  9. What’s Trending - See it first.
  10. Viral Viral Videos - Videos going viral right now.
  11. Open Culture – The best free cultural and educational media on the web.
  12. Trendland - Your daily dose of fashion, trends, art, design and photography.
  13. Slacktory - A comedic blog about the pop culture of the internet.
  14. Flavorwire - Culture curation. Highbrow, lowbrow and everything in between.
  15. Internet for Beginners –’s guide to participating in online culture.
  16. Quartz - Digitally native news outlet. Bracingly creative journalism.
  17. The Daily Beast - Read this skip that.
  18. Matter - Commissions, crafts and publishes unmissable journalism about science, tech and ideas.
  19. PostDesk - Indepth news, analysis, discussion and debate.
  20. WhoWhatWhy – Groundbreaking investigating journalism.
  21. NOTCOT – A visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements.
  22. The Exaltation - A collective of creatives sharing inspirational projects.
  23. The Khooll - A digital design and lifestyle magazine.
  24. dsgnWrld - Propagate design.
  25. designboom - A large independent publication dedicated to design and architecture.
  26. Twaggies – Funny tweets illustrated.
  27. Team COCO – Conan O’Brien presents…
  28. White Whine – A collection of first-world problems.
  29. Improv Everywhere – They cause scenes (funny videos).
  30. - Pictures of funny passive aggressive notes people have left.
  31. In Focus – News photography from The Atlantic.
  32. Amazing Things In The World - Photos of, you guessed it, amazing things in the world (Facebook).
  33. NPR Picture Show – Photo stories from NPR.
  34. Feature Shoot – Travel, fashion, documentary, editorial and portrait photography.
  35. White House Photos – Photos from the White House.
  36. Freddie Wong – Action shorts from Freddie Wong.
  37. Vsauce – Amazing facts and the best of the Internet.
  38. All Time 10s – The funniest, most relevant and informative top 10 list videos you’ll ever watch.
  39. Household Hacker – Mods, life hacks, science, cheats, pranks and gaming.
  40. WatchMojo – Profiles, videos, top 10s.
  41. Skillcrush - Learn about technology and how to put it to work for you.
  42. Singularity Hub – The future is here today.
  43. Gizmag - New and emerging technology news (lots of cool hardware).
  44. Internet Today - The best internet and tech news from LinkedIn.
  45. ExtremeTech - The only tech site I’ve ever seen with a category labeled “Extreme.”
  46. TED - Ideas worth spreading.
  47. Co.Exist - World-changing ideas and innovation.
  48. Talks at Google - Speakers of all stripes giving talks at Google.
  49. Conference Bites - Big ideas for short attention spans. The best quotes from the latest events.
  50. Aspen Ideas - Multimedia from around the Aspen Ideas Institute.
  51. Geekosystem – Your guide to tech and internet culture.
  52. Geek & Sundry – Eccentricities for your entertainment.
  53. So Geek Chic – All things geek and/or chic.
  54. Geekologie - Gadgets, gizmos and awesome.
  55. - A gift guide of gadgets, gear and novelties.
  56. Mental Floss - Random, interesting amazing facts plus fun quizzes and trivia.
  57. Hypebeast - Fashion, arts, design, culture.
  58. Brain Pickings - Human-powered discovery engine for interestingness.
  59. DROOL’D - Stuff to drool over from gadgets to places.
  60. Bored Panda – The only magazine for pandas.
  61. ThreadBanger – For people who make their own style.
  62. Unhistorical – Day by day reflections on history and culture.
  63. Daily Grommet – Discover unique products with innovative design that make unique gifts.
  64. I’m Remembering - Pop culture and nostalgery from the 80s and early 90s.
  65. Richard Wiseman - Quirky mind stuff including videos, illusions, trivia and more.

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