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SEO Myths You Should Know About

Myth #1: Only the First Rank Matters Many ebooks and other resources that business owners use will place an important emphasis on the need to be at the top of search results, whether that be on Google Search, other engines, or even in places like social media. But surveys have shown that people quite often will look at other results and they will scroll down through the page. Being on top of a second page, for example, can be quite beneficial for traffic. Also, search ranking is only one part of the puzzle. Now Google places other results on the page like social recommendations and local results as well, which means there are many more avenues open to you, and being in first place is no longer as crucial as it once was.
Myth #2: You can do SEO Without Outside Help Doing SEO simply means that you follow a set of techniques and procedures to improve the chance that web users will go to your site. It is true that anybody can learn these techniques, and, if you are a web site owner and you w…

How to Optimize Registration Forms

Registration form is an important aspect for any online business/product owner. But at the same time  the website form data optimization is also very important to encourage the visitors to fill in the forms, so as to improve the submission and conversion rates.
Go through the infogram as it deals with the mindset of the majority of visitors, optimal form length and design, use of social media logins and some more improvements.

Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is an ancient discipline that has been practiced for generations in India. Millions of people practice yoga as a form of exercise for a healthy body as well as to maintain a stress free life. Today, a lot of people use power yoga to help them control weight. As yoga in itself helps increase metabolic rate and burn calories, power yoga, which is yoga at a faster pace, is believed to and in fact does help in weight loss. For effective weight loss, power yoga must be practiced at least 3 times a week mainly for beginners. Each session of power yoga for weight loss is usually about 45 minutes long. For maximum benefit, power yoga practiced for about 90 minutes is encouraged for advanced pupils. In this article, we will discuss a few power yoga steps for losing fat, to fight obesity, tips for beginners, and a power yoga diet.

Power Yoga Diet
Effective weight loss results only when power yoga is complimented with a proper diet. Most yoga trainers and experts will recommend fruits and ve…

The Social Media Revolution 2012-13

Must Watch Out Video on Social Media Revolution!

Bringing Google+ Comments to Blogger

Reading and responding to comments can be one of the most rewarding aspects of blogging. Not only do they help you connect with your readers, they can also inspire later blog entries. The challenge, oftentimes, is following all the conversations around your content—on Google+, for instance, as well as on your website. So we're making things a lot simpler.

Starting today, you can bring Google+ Comments to your Blogger blog. Once you've enabled the feature through your Blogger Dashboard, you'll enjoy a number of important benefits:

View your blog and Google+ comments, all in one place
Now when you're browsing your blog's comment threads, you'll see activity from direct visitors, and from people talking about your content on Google+. For example, if there's a public Google+ discussion about one of your blog entries, those comments and replies will also appear on your Blogger blog. This way you can engage with more of your readers, all in one place.

Help readers co…

Blogging: Why you should Blog? Learn About Some Interesting Blogs

Blogs are a great tool to test out ideas, to innovate with your interests and to write on your favorite topics. You expertise in some specific topics can actually make you amazed to see how generally they can pull huge audience through your blog posts linking to your interesting topics. Blogging isn’t first and foremost a business; it’s something you would do to support your passion around some interest or topic. And if you are good you will surely create an audience which will surely grow with time.
Blogs could be a good tool to test out ideas that you can use for your small startup business ideas. It’s also a community builder and communications platform, and you can be connected with quite a few startups through the blog, which maybe later can get into some serious investments.
Blogging is about passion of creating content, a desire to share and connect with readers, and a drive to experiment with new ways to do this. And you never know that this sheer passion and mass intimacy can b…

Leverage Linkedin to Get More Sales Lead for Your Small Business

It's time to get off the fence and leverage LinkedIn as your online strategy to generate sales for your small business.  LinkedIn is an important social networking tool that allows you to drill down to target specific groups or individuals. With the right strategy it can help you expand your network with people who are likely to buy your product or service.
LinkedIn is professional networking site. Generally your clients these days look at your LinkedIn profile, company pages, your product and services and are able to perceive some image of you which further triggers some probability of sales.  
Let's explore how your small business can get more sales lead using LinkedIn: LinkedIn could be a secret weapon in closing more leads for your small business, if you work it right. "Small business owners can leverage LinkedIn by using their professional presence on LinkedIn to compete against the largest organizations in the world.
The most successful users actively share relevant co…

Pay-Per-Click Biggest Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

One of the fastest ways to draw more potential customers to your website is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Using tools such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and others, business owners can display ads in the sponsored results section of search results pages and pay a fee each time someone clicks through from the ad to their site.

But PPC can be risky if not executed correctly. You can wind up spending a significant amount of money without getting the number of new customers you were hoping for.

If you're new to PPC advertising, don't panic. It is possible to learn how to run a profitable campaign through practice and experimentation. Here are five costly PPC mistakes you'll want to avoid when starting out:

1. Sending visitors to your home page.
Say you're running a PPC ad for the keyword "Nikon D90 digital camera" -- a product you sell on your website. You set up the ad to run whenever this keyword is searched for on your chosen engine, and you use a U…

Cool Internet Tricks Learned Over the Years by People Who Spend All Day Online

A simple tip to make Google Maps more useful
"On a Google Map page, if you're looking for a specific type of place, (eg: a restaurant), if you type restaurants* (note the star) into the search bar it will find ALL the restaurants within that map window. Or tire shops, cafes, whatever. Using just * will find ALL the businesses in that window."Source: soulbrothernumbertwo
Get around firewalls by using Google Translate"If your school or workplace blocks [a site] you can get to it using google translate. Just type [the URL] into the text box and select any language, then click 'Original.'"Source: liamsdomain

Save money when shopping online"Promo codes! When ordering something online (especially from a vendor you haven't used) ALWAYS google their name and 'promo code' or 'coupon code.' Many times you'll find a discount you can apply when checking out."Source: the_Hallelucinator
Become a more efficient word processor"Not so …

Google Nose: Search and Smell

Google has launched a new product that allows users to search the internet through smells.

Google says smelling is believing. As an April Fool's joke, Google launched a new ''Google Nose'' product that promises to be the ''new scentsation in search.''

The fragrant Google experience promises to help you search out that smell and pinpoint its olfactory origin.

More info at