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Internet Business: SMEs Chat with Phillip Chichoni

The period 1997 to 2000 was marked by the founding of a new breed on internet business known as dotcoms.

SMEs Chat with Phillip Chichoni By simply adding an e or .com to their names, companies would see their stock prices shoot. Venture capitalists were throwing millions of dollars into new online businesses hoping to reap billions in profit. The party ended spectacularly in 2001 when stock markets crashed and many dotcoms collapsed after burning through their venture capital and leaving behind massive debts and broke financiers and investors.
What opportunities did many see in the online world and why did venture capitalists pump so much money into this new industry?
Venture capitalists saw record-setting growth as dotcom companies experienced meteoric rises in their stock prices and therefore moved faster and with less caution than usual.
A few companies survived the bust. Cisco Systems, Amazon and others saw their share prices collapse but later managed to recover. The problem with most …

Building Relationships with Customers is the Key to Success

Customers are perhaps the most valuable assets. Improving the overall customer experience is vital for continued success and survival, and always has been.
In this competitive world where you're fighting with competitors for every penny, losing a customer is the absolute worst thing that could happen to you. In other words customer retention is the key to success.  This mantra has always stood true.
Good customer service is more important amid economic instability. It’s observed 80% of the customers are more likely to give a company representative repeat business after receiving good customer service, while 75% of them will spread the word about a company that treated them well which in turn brings you the new customer.
In today’s online dynamics, 'most sales models are inherently transactional’. But if you start thinking about your customers in terms of relationships rather than transactions, where it's never about one deal, you'll build relationships.
So while everyone …

YouTube: Billion Monthly User Club

YouTube joins Facebook in the very exclusive billion monthly user clubGoogle announced today that YouTube now has over a billion unique visitors every single month. Which means that Google and Facebook have something very rare in common: both have a billion-person social network.

What does that look like? Google says that:
Nearly one out of every two people on the Internet visits YouTubeYouTube’s monthly viewership is the equivalent of ten Super Bowl audiencesIf YouTube was a country, it would be the third largest in the world, after China and India
Google+ is officially Google’s social network, but though it has an estimated 343 million monthly active users, that’s just a third of YouTube. And with YouTube’s built-in sharing, commenting, and content creation tools, it’s often considered to be a social network in its own right — even by Google itself.

YouTube rivals Facebook not just in terms of its total number of visitors, but in terms of engagement and time spent. ComScore numbers have…

Facebook And Twitter Are No Longer Leading Social Media Innovation

Facebook And Twitter No Longer Leading Innovation
Each year, the business and technology-focused publication Fast Company releases a Most Innovative Companies list. Facebook and Twitter failed to make the cut this year because both failed to focus on their long-term visions in favor of short-term projects and goals, a misstep that has frustrated their users and investors alike. In contrast, the companies that did make the "Most Innovative" list have a consistent thread through their efforts: a combination of forward thinking and customer-centric service. So who has replaced them?

Companies like Pinterest and Yelp. Facebook and Twitter held that spotlight for a while, but it looks like they’ll have to up the ante.

Top Web Hosting Companies in India

Best Web Hosting Companies Net4India: India’s #1 Web Hosting Provider
India’s #1 Web Hosting Company. Over 90,000 Hosting customers. Offers Customized Linux & Windows Hosting for SMEs, Large Enterprises & Resellers.

Also awarded as No.1 Web Hosting Provider 2012- PCQuest Users’ Choice Award, Accredited Registrar by ICANN, Microsoft Gold Partner, .IN and over 20 other ccTLDs. All their shared Web Hosting plans includes Unlimited Data Transfer, 10 free sub domains, FREE DNS management, 24/7/365 support, along with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and hosted in India.
HostPapa: 100% green web hosting
A long-time pioneer in environmentally friendly web hosting, HostPapa web hosting offers customers a sustainable choice, as all HostPapa operations are powered by 100% renewable energy. Of course, there's much more toHostPapa than that. HostPapa offers one simple shared hosting plan – but it's a powerful one!
They have recently started with their Indian Operations as…

Free Website Builder Tool for Yoga Website

Lot of people are searching for yoga classes on internet.Its time for you to go online. Build your professional website in just few hours. Net4's EasyWebsite is as easy as powerpoint.

Website Builder Features
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Standardizing The Definition Of Social Media Measurements

Social Media (The Measurement Standard)The Digital Analytics Association, in conjunction with SMMStandards, has proposed definitions for various social media terms. Here's a quick summary:
Item: A post, micro-post, article, or other instance appearing for the first time in a digital media.Mention: A brand, organization, campaign, or entity that is being measured.Reach: Represents the total number of unique people who had an opportunity to see an item or a valid reproduction of that item across any digital media.For more info read>

New Kid on the Social Block: Pheed

Pheed: The Future Of Monetized Social Media Pheed, the new monetized social network, is taking off. It combines aspects of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and SoundCloud. Users can put their content behind a paywall if they like. Already believed to be the social media company of the year, the team at the head of this new network hopes to attract at least 10 million users worldwide. Pheed social networking is on the rise and many are beginning to wonder: will it prove to be competition for the two giants of social media, Facebook and Twitter? Explore Now! >>
I am already on pheed! Stay Connected!

Jasjit Sawhney Says: Indian SMB Companies’ Online Presence Still Low

While the Internet is becoming pervasive in our daily lives, our small businesses keen on seizing the opportunity to generate awareness by building their own websites? We spoke to the leading web hosting service provider in India to find out...

We spoke with Jasjit Sawhney (Chairman & MD, Net4India), to find out if SMBs are capitalizing on the online market...
Q1) What is the trend in the SMB segment towards building their own websites and maintaining them?
India is the most underpenetrated market for web sites / web services across various criterion; domain names to internet users; businesses to websites hosted; businesses to business email accounts.  The SMB market has seen a lot of changes in the last two years and there is certainly a noticeable shift in the quantum and type of businesses looking to establish a web presence. SMBs have slowly but surely started to realize the importance of having a web presence and there is a lot of first timers who want ecommerce enabled sites. …

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