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Building Relationships with Customers is the Key to Success

Customers are perhaps the most valuable assets. Improving the overall customer experience is vital for continued success and survival, and always has been.
In this competitive world where you're fighting with competitors for every penny, losing a customer is the absolute worst thing that could happen to you. In other words customer retention is the key to success.  This mantra has always stood true.
Good customer service is more important amid economic instability. It’s observed 80% of the customers are more likely to give a company representative repeat business after receiving good customer service, while 75% of them will spread the word about a company that treated them well which in turn brings you the new customer.
In today’s online dynamics, 'most sales models are inherently transactional’. But if you start thinking about your customers in terms of relationships rather than transactions, where it's never about one deal, you'll build relationships.
So while everyone …