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Which are the Most Busy Days on Internet

Which are the Most Busy Days on Internet. Getting an accurate answer for this questions is quite difficult, especially if we consider country to country and during different seasons of the year. Many people have done a lot of studies on this and have found Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the most busiest day.
Why This is Important Lets say if you are writing an article and posting it on Friday, then you will not get that much traffic but if you post the article on a busy day like Monday or Tuesday this will maximize the number of potential readers, also will increase chances of receiving backlinks and appearing on social bookmarking sites.
Some Examples: If you are sitting in India working for US website, then bookmarking articles or posting new articles won’t work in a Indian day time. Reson being, the US has a different time zone and it would be night over there and there would be no traffic. So the activities which you have done in the Indian Day time won’t give any US Visits. But if you…