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Which are the Most Busy Days on Internet

Which are the Most Busy Days on Internet. Getting an accurate answer for this questions is quite difficult, especially if we consider country to country and during different seasons of the year. Many people have done a lot of studies on this and have found Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the most busiest day.
Why This is Important Lets say if you are writing an article and posting it on Friday, then you will not get that much traffic but if you post the article on a busy day like Monday or Tuesday this will maximize the number of potential readers, also will increase chances of receiving backlinks and appearing on social bookmarking sites.
Some Examples: If you are sitting in India working for US website, then bookmarking articles or posting new articles won’t work in a Indian day time. Reson being, the US has a different time zone and it would be night over there and there would be no traffic. So the activities which you have done in the Indian Day time won’t give any US Visits. But if you…

How To Live In Harmony With Yourself



It is only in our relationships that we can truly know ourselves. We are a mirror for each other. What we give to others at the level of our thoughts, feelings and attitudes is what we give to ourselves, and will finally come back from others. Our relationships are the real workshop, classroom, learning laboratory of our life. Relationship is not simply getting along with others, it is about understanding, building, nourishing and caring. Every interaction carries a lesson. Take one relationship, look at it, explore it and ask yourself what does it tell you about yourself and your life so far. Let your relationships reveal you to yourself. As you do you will naturally learn what makes relationships work, or not work, as the case may be! And the more you get to know yourself in the mirror of your relationships the more easily you will be able to understand others.

Think of two people who are close to you. Now think about each relationship and write down what each of these people seems t…

How to Conquer Jealousy or Envy

We all are here for a purpose and all around us has some past karmic account with us. All we meet in this life have some past unsettled karmic accounts with us and now we need to settle that with our positive karmas.
Know that the person that you are jealous or envious of has done some good karma in the past and they are now reaping the fruit. Take it as an inspiration to gain merit now for yourself. Create a sense of belongingness with them. See that they are a part of you. Think of all you have that they don't have and feel grateful. Join hands and form a team with them. Realise that in the current of moving time all will perish. Think of everyone that is jealous of you for what you have. Create a sense of belongingness in them by your kind actions.Know that their feelings are temporary.The best is not to recognise their envy or jealousy at alluns. If you recognise a feeling as a reality it only makes your ignorance grow.Know all feelings and emotions are just like passing clouds…

Alter Ego

An alter ego  is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person's normal or original personality. A person with an alter ego is said to lead a double life. Alter ego is also used to refer to the different behaviors any person may display in certain situations.

Once a person creates an alter ego, they start dreaming about the same and living a life of their own with the alter ego. If you are wondering how alter ego is created, then here is some piece of information that can be of help to you.
Usually, people who have been deprived or who haven’t been able to do what they always wanted to do in life have an alter ego. They seem to live in their dreams and have a life of what they had always wanted. They imagine themselves in the world of their dreams and reach their goals with the help of this alter ego. Most of the times the interest of the person and his/ her alter ego are the same and they try to develop it in their own manner.
There are many people who are unaware of …

Soul Sustenance

The After Effects Of Anger 

If realized deeply, it’s alright to conclude that anger destroys. If it doesn't destroy our physical body (that too it manages to do in the long term), it definitely destroys our capacity to be creative. And after all the very purpose of our life – is to be creative. So in short, anger deviates us from reaching our very purpose of life. Anger is never every good for health – mental or physical; never ever positive or empowering and never ever allowable or justified. Many authors of self development books, philosophers, psychologists and experts on the human nature have argued that anger is a natural, biological and psychological response which is an integral part of human sanskara and life. While this can be respected as a point of view, it is not at all true.

From a spiritual perspective, which means a view based on the absolute truth because the word ‘spiritual’ means that which is the truth, anger is never ever natural or beneficial. While we are all u…

Self Realization

Self-realization or Inner self refers to a profound spiritual awakening where there is an awakening from an illusory self identify image (Ego), to the true, divine, perfect condition that the individual is.  Self-realization is “fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's character or personality”. the most common meaning given to self-realization is that of psychological growth and maturation. It represents the awakening and manifestation of latent potentialities of the human being -for example, ethical, esthetic, and religious experiences and activities.