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What is Social Media and It's Role in Digital Medium

The term Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue.

An interesting trend is that social media has further empowered users to seamlessly merge their online activities across web and mobile platform.

Though mobile is a great medium for brand communication but this new medium is evolving at a rapid pace, and affordable smartphones have only become available recently. In addition, mobiles are the primary communication devices for interpersonal communication. Brand communication does not always seamlessly fit in the scope of interpersonal communication.

The challenge is creating the need where the consumers will want to use his/her mobile to receive communication from the brand. If that value is created mobile can be very effective.

So now we go back to what is social media?
Social Media is about creating conversation, cultivating 2-way relationships with our audience and help us listen to what our constituents are saying and thereby become more receptive and responsive.

In India social media growth rate is astonishing. Some figures shared:
580 million mobile users
240 million across social media from their phones.
57 million receive brand related news
37 million consumers read online reviews
15 million do social media searches
10 million are aware of brand presence on social media

So to conclude social media is about experience, interest and engagement. This is about telling credible stories to create interest and to help consumer experience the brand.

Social content & conversation which is relevant from an interest point of view than a promotional point of view.

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