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Think of a Paradigm Shift: Capitalizing on Explosive Indian Web Industry

India is already the third-largest Internet market by users, behind China and the U.S. "Despite a lot of the infrastructure challenges we have as a country, 100 million Indians are online. Indian online ad spending is only about $200 million per year – a small slice of the $80 billion global digital advertising industry. E-commerce like airline and movie ticket sales online generate about $5 billion in revenue compared to about $80 billion in China. Big marketers like auto makers and cellphone companies pour billions of dollars into TV and newspaper ads targeting affluent, urban consumers, but they barely pitch their products in online ads even though 90% of people in that market segment are Internet users. Isn’t it time to Think of a Paradigm Shift.

Its time for digital strategy innovation first. Many industries digital today can not only reach the audience that's most valuable to them but also target them in a very interesting way." Mr. Anandan Google's country head…